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Universal Coolers

by Radical Dads

Absurd Tests 01:55
the a was framed in all the lumber falling down you saved the whales and the waves and they’d all been running out you took apart a lot of what you had around donate the rocks, to the piles, for building up lost ground today is hanging, on a white wall, the signage is small it’s time to pull the caravans back around set the clocks, for the top, for the new time that we’ve found fanned forest flames renewed the dormant chaparral you kept them hot, in a spot, on the top of the lookout mound time is hanging, on a white wall, the signage is small time is like a slippery fish, flapping and flopping through my fingers like an arrow floating in front of a cloud, frozen in the face of a giant bullseye tomorrow’s trash, incinerate the past, let’s settle down with the here and now you’ve got the spirit plan you’ve got the spirit man
Slammer 03:12
Snakes on the sidewalk all over my block I won’t go outside anymore Good lord, they’re up to my front door My friend says it’s no use anymore And the vibes you give are the ones you’ll end up living with hi fi, all night narrowly crystallized between the black and white in the fuzz on your tv Take me to the show in the back of a boat And we’ll tour haunted homes Lay down under the dome Listening to spirits speak In that spooky mystique Now you’re laughing at me hi fi, all night narrowly crystalised between the black and white in the fuzz on your tv nothing to do but chill transfixed and sitting still keep your focus on the film and the lights that you see hey you, look out here come venomous prows is this the vortex or have we run aground? freak out all night narrowly crystalised now there’s nowhere to go but with the flow
In The Water 04:07
Don't Go 04:28
universal coolers, hit the fizz and meet me by the pool universal coolers, these aren’t like the maps we read in school universal coolers, it’s been said dive into the deep end universal coolers, he’s not going to to get where you’ve want to’ve been lets get technical with this part fast paced handlers of mind art you were a vandle in a scam in a pyramid scheme made up by a turing machine charting somnambulants dreams history is stacked against me i’m going back to the university of universal coolers, universal coolers, universal coolers, making plans to dive in the deep end universal coolers, we’ll be on the astral plane by ten universal coolers, coolers i want cold calls warm jets hot tubs in my x ray visions i see cool stuff warm walls hot rocks in my x ray visions universal coolers, universal coolers, universal coolers, cooling, cooling, cooling
Flight to NZ 05:09
DJ Pancake 03:39


released February 24, 2015

All songs recorded and mixed by Julian Fader and Carlos Hernandez at Gravesend Recordings at The Silent Barn, except for "Flight to NZ," which was recorded instrument-wise by Keith Souza and Seth Manchester at Machines With Magnets, and then we added the vocals at Gravesend.

All songs mastered by Keith Freund.

Paintings by Steve Keene.
Lettering and design by Robbie.


all rights reserved



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